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Clothing made from nanotechnology materials, helps, thanks to the UV filter, to protect the wearer from outdoor influences, has perfect thermoregulating characteristics, absorbs sweat, prevents odors and is sensitive to your skin. All of these elements are integrated into the material, will never wash out and last throughout the entire life of the garment.

Our specialized fabric profile ensures perfect thermoregulatory components
UV protection
Silver Nanoparticles ensure antibacterial function and eliminate odors.
A self-cleaning Lotus effect makes the material stain-resistant
Low-maintenance, saves on energy, water and cleaning products
Easy-care with no need for ironing
Unlimited functionality
An ecological solution which is economical, saves money, good for our health and our planet

Augmented reality

Our pattern design and fashion forms are enriched with the virtual content which reveals once you look through your smart phone in the augmented reality (AR). You see the pattern elements to come alive! You witness art and fashion, real and unreal, body and soul…

HOW? Scan QR code using your camera or use the link below. After opening the app, aim the camera at the print pattern.

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